Krystal Sakhrani

Imagination proposes ways of achieving our goals. People who convert them to reality we call them “Little achievers”

Krystal Sakhrani, who has been a student of Improve ME Institute from the days when she first ventured into classrooms of new faces called school. She is a Grade 5 Student now.

A little girl that has grown up to be a smart, bright little girl today not just to excel in academics but also in the art of expressing her imaginations through writings.

Improve Me Institute has always been a confederate in nurturing her with adequate knowledge, skills, practice thus giving her creativity wings to fly.

Cherry Smith

“MATH” is a four letter word that evoke feelings ranging from fear, anxiety, to lack of interest and dislike for many students. A little Achiever from Improve ME Institute, Cherry Smith, has not only conquered her phobia but has also won the “Mathematician of the Year “Award from her school.

Improve ME Institute has always been a constant source of guidance for Cherry Smith, a Year five student for overcoming the anxieties, developing her logical reasoning and accuracy skills through repeated practice and other positive learning style approaches. We wish her all the best for her future endeavors.

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