Improve me Institute

Education is a  journey not a race

Improve ME is a leading academy in Dubai offering innovative and scientific approaches to boost children’s abilities. Improve ME provides intensive support to students aged 4 and above ensuring that success is achieved in their endeavours

Neeta Daswani

Neeta is the sole founder of Improve ME, an education facility with the intention of providing a quality service to students of all ages in the UAE.

Having spent several years in both Hong Kong and the UK, Neeta has combined different approaches to teaching students to prepare them from 11+ up to university entrance examinations.

Neeta’s inspiration with Improve ME follows from proven methods in training students outside of the traditional schooling system. Moving to the Middle East has provided exposure to the level of schooling and external tutoring institutes.

Inflated prices and a failure to fully teach to the true required standards has been an instigator in starting Improve ME, which we as an organisation, collectively strive to make a stellar teaching environment for your child.

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