A week in the life of a student at IMPROVE ME!

Hi! I am a year 10 student juggling 11 GCSE subjects. Improve ME has helped me manage my subjects,  with the supportive staff and teachers who have assisted and guided me in the right direction. The best thing is I have made many friends from other schools (JC, DC, Wellington and NAS)! 

I have a younger brother in year 8, and a younger sister in year 1. They all come to the centre as well. My brother focuses on his Maths and Science topics, whilst my little sister studies English and Maths. Amazingly, they cater to all year groups as we can all come at the same time slot. Not only that, but they also help us differently as my brother studies the American (Common Core) syllabus, whilst I go to a British School.

Although some people might prefer home tutors or online tutors, all Improve Me teachers are familiar with these different curricula and exam boards, whether it’s Edexcel, AQA, GCSE, or A-levels.

As I have a lot of subjects to focus on, I come to Improve Me on several days. On Mondays, I take English Language and Further Maths. Tuesdays and Thursdays for Chemistry, Physics and Biology whilst Maths and Economics are on Saturdays. Even on the days or times when I don’t have any classes, I can come in and find a place in the centre and do my revision. If I find myself struggling, I know that there is always a teacher willing to assist me; so this is always great too! I enjoy coming to the centre in my free time because of the comfortable yet supportive work environment.

The place is divided into 3 sections; primary, middle and senior learning departments. Improve me has a beautifully designed theme for each section. The primary learning department (Ages 3-10) is based about London and the UK; that section is designed like a city. The middle school department (Ages 11-14) is designed with the theme of job opportunities and career paths. And finally, the senior department (Ages 14-18) is designed with a university theme. Overall, all of the themes are encouraging and make Improve Me a great learning environment.

The owners of Improve ME are always present to help and treat us like family. They are always warm and say hello to me whenever I am around and check up on our work in case we need any help. This makes a huge difference in our experience since I come to the centre most days of the week.

The lessons are interactive and the syllabus is fixed to be in line with our schools so we are always ahead of the class after every lesson. Our teacher gives us homework and revision notes along with practice exam paper packs. Personally, my school does the GCSE Edexcel board so all the resources I take home are in line with that. Thanks to Improve ME, I have been achieving the top grades in my classes and am always ahead. I wouldn’t be able to get this far in my exams without Improve Me.

Thank you so much!

Fatima, Class 10

Dubai College

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