Top Tips To Manage Exam Stress

Even for the most prepared student, exams can be a stressful time. Whether GCSEs, A Levels or even just an end-of-term paper, they are an essential part of education. Stress and nerves are the bread, butter and routine of a student, whilst aiming to stay focused and motivated; however, too much of either can impact their performance.

So how can students manage exam stress? We have taken a closer look at some top tips:

Create a plan

The saying “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” is very accurate regarding revision. That is why one of the best ways students can reduce stress around exam time is to ensure they are preparing in advance.

To do this, they should create a table of what exams they have, the dates are on, and the topics they need to revise. This will ensure they can allocate enough time to cover everything required, leaving them feeling calmer and less stressed.

1. Avoid distractions

It can be very easy for students to become distracted when revising. Checking on social media or having the television on in the background is incredibly disruptive and reduces the quality of learning. That is why when creating their revision plan; students should allocate set blocks of thirty minutes where they avoid doing anything other than their studies. Once they have done that, they can pause for ten minutes before restarting.

2. Eat well and get active.

As the exam draws closer, students must eat well and remain active. Exercise is a proven way to reduce stress, while the proper diet can help to improve brain power and focus.

3. Study together

Trying to study and revise alone can be lonely and only increase feelings of stress and anxiety. That is why students should look to create small study groups, allowing them to quiz each other on specific topics and support each other as needed.

4. Get enough sleep

With the nerves and stress around exam time, it can be hard to get enough rest. Students need to ensure that they get enough sleep ahead of the big day, as this will help them remain calm and focused on the tasks at hand.

5. Avoid the post-mortem

Stress does not end once the exam is over. Many students go over every question and answer in their head, increasing the pressure. That is why they should go and take their mind off the exam by doing something fun that they will enjoy.

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